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Wood Fences

wood paddock fence

Holding firm as the most popular fence choice, wood fences offer natural beauty, enhance property value, increase security, provide containment, protect landscape, and much more. Our wood fences come in many styles such as: private, picket, paddock, crossbuck estate, or custom-built. 

Fence Goals

Fence Materials

Styles of Wood Fences

We offer a variety of lumber materials to choose from. Our preferred board of choice for most privacy, picket, and estate fencing is the Western Red Cedar due to its durability. Cedar is naturally resistant to decay and insect damage and seldom warps, shrinks, twists, or swells in outside weather conditions. It naturally turns a nice silvery gray and is extremely accepting of paint and stains to increase the fence’s life.

We also offer pressure-treated pine that is chemically treated with MCA (Micronized Copper Azole). This treatment is today’s most widely used method to substantially increase the wood’s life both above and below ground level. Above-ground retention for MCA is .06, and ground contact is .15.  All of our wood posts are pressure treated with the exception of our split rail fencing, in which we used the traditional and much preferred dense locust post.

Additionally, we offer #1 spruce lumber for stockade fences, strong oak lumber for horse paddock fencing, and hemlock rails with black locust posts for split rail fencing.

Types of Lumber

Western Red Cedar




Hemlock & Black Locust

As you narrow down your fence selection, keep in mind the many different fence styles and cut options available. Your Capital Fence representative can help you understand your options and choose the best fit based on your project goals.

Fence Cut Options

Mt. Vernon Dip


Solid Board


Spaced Picket

Colonial Gothic Spaced Picket

Dog Eared Spaced Picket

Wood Privacy Fences

Wood Privacy Fence | Solid Board

Privacy fences serve multiple purposes, including but not limited to:

  • Solitude from neighbors
  • Added security
  • Buffer from busy roads
  • Containment for pets and children
  • Barrier for deer and other pests


They can be built to meet swimming pool fence regulations, providing quality family time without disturbances. Do you have those neighbors that are not so neighborly? A privacy fence is an excellent choice!

Privacy fencing comes in a wide variety of materials, accents, and variations to choose from. Explore our options and allow our Capital Fence professionals to narrow down a style that perfectly suits your needs and taste.

Wood Spaced Picket Fences

wood spaced picket fence

Spaced picket fencing is an excellent fence style that provides containment yet still appeals to the eye. This semi-private option creates a perimeter of privacy without feeling closed in.  Spaced picket is the #1 choice for front yard fencing, offering that classic all-American feel.

Capital Fence’s preferred board material of choice for the spaced picket fence is Western Red Cedar due to its stability and resistance to warping and twisting. We offer a variety of picket cuts, with the Mt. Vernon Dip and Special Cut being the most popular.

Wood Split Rail Fences

wood split rail fence

Split rail fencing provides a rustic look while offering containment with a feeling of openness. Split rail fencing comes in three different heights;

Wood Split Rail Fence | 2 Rail with Wire Mesh

Two Rail for 3′ High

Hemlock Fence

Three Rail for 4′ High

Wood Split Rail Fence | 4 Rail with Wire Mesh

Four Rail for 5′ High

Capital Fence differentiates from our competitors as we use only the finest material for our split rail fence. While most of our competitors use pressure-treated soft pine, we at Capital Fence use the traditional, superior combination of locust posts with hemlock rails. If you prefer the added containment for kids and pets or added exclusion of deer and animals, we can add an almost invisible black coated vinyl over galvanized wire mesh fencing. Mesh fencing sizes are typically 2×4” openings, though we also offer 1×2” to comply with pool code regulations. Ask your Capital Fence representative for further pool code requirements.

Wood Paddock/Estate Fences

wood crossbuck estate fence

Paddock and Estate style fencing provide a feeling of openness with a nice contemporary look achieved by using horizontal flat boards. Posts are spaced 8 feet apart with no support in between, so a strong warp-and-twist-resistant wood like Western Red Cedar is preferred to the standard pressure-treated pine. Wire mesh fencing can be attached for containment and is available with a black vinyl coating or traditional galvanized mesh. 

A paddock-style fence is typically a three or four-board design with all boards running horizontally:

Wood Paddock Fence | 3 Board

3-Board Paddock Fence

Wood Paddock Fence | 4 Board

4-Board Paddock Fence

while the Crossbuck Estate style fence has two boards crisscrossed between horizontal boards. Most Estate style fences are five or six-board designs and use a combination of 1x6x8 and 1x4x8 boards.

Wood Crossbuck Estate Fence | 5 Board

5-Board Crossbuck Estate

Wood Crossbuck Estate Fence | 6 Board

6-Board Crossbuck Estate

Custom Built Wood Fences

Custom Wood Fence

Capital Fence has over 30 years of experience in designing and building custom fences to meet our client’s demands.  With the exception of Stockade fencing (prefabricated panels), we build each fence board by board and can customize fence styles, gates, lattice, arbors, and trellises for any need. We use top-quality materials to tailor each fence to our client’s vision and purpose.

Our experienced staff has seen many different designs, variations, and customizations over their 30 years of fence installation. Use our team’s expertise to consider unique solutions, understand what options can or cannot work, and overall enhance your vision for your fence project. Reach out to our sales representatives today to get your fence design starte30

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