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Simple, easy and classic, growing vines around your back yard will enhance your landscape.  Vines add additional privacy and are aesthetically pleasing.  Be sure to find the right vine for your fence, because while vines are charming they can also be damaging.

If you have had your mind set on a quaint English style garden with an abundance of creeping vines, let’s make sure you are not going to get into a situation where the vines are smothering your fence or taking over your yard. When searching for vines to brighten your yard doing some research ahead of time can make a world of difference.

Consider the material of your fence. Wood fencing is the most popular in our area, but is also the least forgiving when growing plant material on top of it. You certainly do not want a woody vine that will hold moisture next to your wood fence inevitably causing rotting issues.  Woody vines are also strong and can get between wood slats potentially breaking parts of your fence.

If your heart is set on having vines against your wooden fence rest assured there are some lighter more airy annual vines that you could use. These vines should be removed at the end of their life cycle, and pulled from the fence.

For Wooden Fences

Non Fence Friendly Vines

Fast Growing Woody Vines and Invasive Species of Vines

  • Trumpet Vine
  • Wisteria
  • Hydrangea
  • English Ivy
  • Oriental Bittersweet
  • Chocolate Vine
  • Winter Creeper

 Fence Friendly Vines

  • Morning Glory
  • Moonflower
  • Sweet Pea
  • Climbing Nasturtium

 Vinyl and Aluminum are more hardy and can handle a strong natured vine. Their weather resistant materials can withstand most anything. With that being said, you can put a woody vine next to a vinyl fence, just be sure that you are aware that they will trap moisture against your fence. You need not worry about rotting in this situation, but consider the algae and bugs that would find this warm moist atmosphere enticing. Vinyl is easy to clean and maintain and was addressed in a previous Capital Fence blog, Spring Fever.

Aluminum is the perfect choice for growing vines. The durability and open frame style provide a wonderful foundation for vines to weave in and around making your fence look alive. Vines will add a great deal of color to your Aluminum fence and provide added privacy.

For Vinyl Fences

Fence Friendly Vines

  • Native Honeysuckle
  • Clematis

For Aluminum Fences

Fence Friendly Vines

  • Carolina Jessamine
  • Climbing Hydrangea
  • Rambling Rose
  • Grapevine


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