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February is almost good and gone. Getting your backyard in tip top shape for springtime fun starts with sprucing up your fence. Now is the time to take a walk around your yard and see if there is any work that needs to be done.

  • Fence Inspection
    • Check for any damaged boards or posts that may need to be replaced
    • Remove debris surrounding your fence
    • Examine fence for chipping, rusting, or cracking
  • Proactive Precautions
    • Remove excessive foliage, tree limbs or shrubs that may threaten the structure of your fence. Trimming and pruning back the areas around your fence can improve the overall aesthetic of your yard as well as ensure a longer fence life. A tree limb falling on your fence can be a big problem, taking care of overhang ahead of time can free you from future fence woes.
    • Once you’ve cleared debris you may want to add an extra protective barrier in the form of staining or sealants depending on your fence material.
  • Fence Cleaning
    • After you’ve removed debris such as leaves, and dirt around your fence you may need to give your fence a little TLC. Wipe down your fence or rinse it to remove winter grime.
      • Wood Fence use a pressure washer or a scrub brush and then allow the fence to dry. You should notice a brighter wood.
      • Vinyl Fence rinse off loose debris with a garden hose and cloth. Apply a siding cleaning solution with a wet cloth and let the solution sit for a couple of minutes. Scrub with a soft bristle brush (rough brushes can scratch your vinyl fence) as needed and wipe down with a clean cloth. Always test a small area of your fence first to ensure no discoloration will occur, and remember to protect vegetation whenever using chemicals.
      • Chain Link/Steel/Aluminum Fence most of the time simply spraying down your fence will be sufficient; however if you find a spot that needs a little extra attention fill a bucket with warm soapy water and use a soft bristled brush or cloth to remove excess dirt. Follow that up by spraying your fence down with your water hose.

A little bit of work early in Spring allows you to kick back and relax in your personal oasis.

If you are in need of a fence to create that oasis feel or your fence is beyond repair, you know who to call! Capital Fence will help you pick out the perfect fence for your space. Call us 301-972-8400 to get started today.

“Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!’”

-Robin Williams

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