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Admittedly wood fencing is still the most popular fence we sell and install. However, we’ve noticed an increase in customers shopping for vinyl fencing.  Making the decision to install a fence on your property or business is a big decision and investment.  It is always good to have options, so let’s walk you thru a few benefits of choosing a vinyl fence.

  • Long lasting and durable – Vinyl fences typically lasts for a very long time and is adverse to extreme weather conditions
  • Virtually maintenance free – Vinyl does not require paint, and maintains a clean stream lined look for many years.
  • When cleaning is needed, vinyl is incredibly easy to clean and maintain. See our blog on fence cleaning in Spring Fever
  • Pest resistant. You won’t have to worry about termites or other wood damaging critters
  • The vinyl material will keep its original condition and does not decompose or rust.

While vinyl has many benefits that make it an optimal choice there are a few disadvantages you will want to take into consideration.

  • Vinyl is a more expensive material than wood; however, lasts a long time which may save money in the long run
  • If your vinyl fence should be damaged, it is not as easy to fix and will typically require a fence professional to take care of the affected area.
  • In the past some vinyl fences have faded; however there have been several advances in the production and product, including chemical enhancements designed to reflect the sun’s rays, and this more of an issues in the past with vinyl fences.

Obviously with any home improvement it is important to do your research, and ask questions.  The fence experts at Capital Fence are always available to walk you thru your fence options and help you make the best decision for your lifestyle. Call us 301-972-8400 to see what we can do for you.

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